About Virginia, Jordi and Trart

Hello my name is Virginia, in 2008 my restlessness, my creativity and my curiosity led me to design and create unique handcrafted pieces, which I shared in a close circle of friends with the sole purpose of enjoying a hobby.

Now, after accumulating ten years of experience in artisan design, I venture together with Jordi, my partner and we created a dream called Trart. It was born with the aim of sharing creative concerns with an audience that values our efforts and the quality of a handmade piece with unique details.

The pieces are made from clay, which we manipulate by means of an artisan process, resulting in a piece that is resistant to small knocks, water and scuffs due to use. The image designed by Trart, or by yourself, through a new manual process, is transferred onto the clay to create a completely unique piece. Due to the manual process, the pieces may vary slightly from what appears on the website in terms of size and/or positioning of the image. All materials used are high quality and hypoallergenic.

We hope that Trart helps you to achieve your creative dreams.