Handmade Bracelets for Women

Give original bracelets, success is guaranteed!

Bracelets are a safe gift at any age. They are perfect for your mother, your daughter, your friends and even for you. You can wear them at any time of the day. They are beautiful, comfortable and combine perfectly with most styles and women.

Discover our latest collection of Handmade Bracelets for Women

To create our latest collection of original bracelets, we continue of course, paying tribute to wonderful women whose actions have changed the history Audrey, Marlene ... why not? from woman to woman, find your style and bet on the models that like more tea and if it also coincides with the admiration you can have to the name we have given it, sure that something interesting happens, perhaps the strength, beauty, charisma, elegance, courage or intelligence of these women have much to do with what we are now, sure that the strength of your mother the courage of a friend or the intelligence of your sister surprise you every day. Bet for the models to give to special women of your life...All the designs that you will find in our store are made by Virginia. Stay with the model that you like!

Culture and instinct, in search of inspiration

Everything that surrounds our life has its origin in nature. Art, the landscape, design, love... even, many of the novelties and advances that we have today, are based on physical attributes and abilities of the animals. It is in the animal world, where we have found a great variety of details that inspire us and help us to design our jewels. It is for the Trart team, an inexhaustible source of knowledge and creativity. As a thank you, we have honored our bracelets with animal names, those that stand out for their beauty, strength and elegance.

Love and respect for animals 

How else could we express our gratitude to them?  Without a doubt, through tolerance and respect. It is our duty to sensitize and transmit the love we feel for the animals and living beings of our planet and to reject any cruel and disrespectful act against any of them.