Charms for Necklaces

Charms for Necklaces

We're very picky and we get to the detail of every charm

The quality of our jewellery is a must for us. We are very demanding and we get to the detail of every bead, material and colour we choose. For this reason, we continuously follow quality controls in order to ensure the excellence of our deliveries.

The strength of the components of each piece must meet your expectations. It is so important to us that, before we launch a new collection, we test and test it for a while to ensure its quality and durability.

How do we create the charms for the necklace collections?

We manipulate and cut the clay, then sand and polish the clay one by one until it is perfect. Each individual bead is literally handmade from scratch by our artisan from Barcelona. As it is a manual process, different results are obtained.

You won't find two accounts exactly alike! Its rounded shape may vary slightly from bead to bead. This minimal difference makes each piece different, beautiful and original in its own way.

At the end of the process we select the most special and exciting beads to be part of your jewelry. We ensure that each bead has a unique and unrivalled beauty.

Artisans made in Barcelona

Barcelona is contemporary and luminous. It is our city, the one that inspires us and with which we project our designs and new creations.

We strive to reflect their culture open to the world, but also their historical face with a Mediterranean air: The mark left by modernism and the color of their neighborhoods and people enhance the creativity of artists in any of its forms.

Without a doubt, our jewels breathe Barcelona and it is that... Is there a prettier city?.