Buying beads online

Buying beads online

Tips for buying beads online and don't be fooled

Internet allows you to buy products anywhere in the world and receive them at home in a few days. If what you are looking for are shops selling beads online, you will find from portals for wholesalers, for large orders, to small businesses that offer jewelry made by hand. Whatever your need, take these tips into account when buying beads and beads online to stay with the best option. Not all stores are the same, don't get tangled up!

What should I look for when buying beads online?

To start, you need to decide what type of jewelry you are going to make. Is it a necklace, bracelet or other type of jewelry? Look for related information for the realization of your piece. On the internet you will find tutorial videos to make them by hand, articles in related blogs and a thousand other ideas. They will be of great use to you to follow the steps to carry out it and to avoid the typical mistakes of beginner.


Online shops specialising in beads

There are portals that offer products of all kinds, where you will find bags with plenty of beads and balls of all types and colors. This would be a good purchase option if what you want is to produce many identical jewels of poor quality.

If you are looking to create your own jewelry, a unique piece that only you will wear, decide to purchase the beads and materials in specialty stores. They are usually smaller stores, with a process of creation in detail and more elaborate designs.

Buy quality beads online

Stay with the online stores that offer you superior quality. To differentiate them, you can look at the composition of the materials and their originality. The more natural and personalised they are, the better. It will be noticed in the final result of your jewel and it will look much more. Little word!

Price of beads to create custom jewelry

Price is always a key element in any purchase we make, but not definitive. On the Internet you will find very cheap accounts, generally when you order orders with amounts higher than usual. An advice, don't be left alone with the savings. You will notice that the cheapest beads usually have a lower quality, as they are produced in an industrial way. If you are looking for something more concrete, beautiful and personal, be willing to invest a little more.

Buy what you want, forget the minimum purchase

There are many portals that sell balls and beads to create jewelry that doesn't allow you to buy the quantities you want. This is really a drawback for those who are looking for something very concrete and just want to create a single bracelet or necklace. They are forced to keep a bag of identical beads, which they are not going to use and which generate unnecessary costs. If this is your case, order from smaller online stores that design beads and beads in a handcrafted manner.

Recommendation: Stay a couple more beads than you plan to use, so you have a spare if you break or wear for use. Even if you feel like it later on, you can create another matching piece of jewellery.

Proximity online shops

The treatment in small shops is very different from that of large online sales portals. And even more so if it is a business in your own city or near where you live.  Communication during the purchase process is much closer and more transparent. In these cases, take the opportunity to write them an email and ask for information or advice on the products. It can be of great help to decide which beads to keep and even in the design of your piece.   

When you buy online accounts that is always in...

Trusted online shops

  • Even if it's the first time you shop at a particular store, make sure the checkout process complies with security seals and bank payment gateways.
  • Just before paying, check that the products in the cart are exactly what you ordered and if there are extra amounts such as shipping costs, VAT, etc..
  • Request a receipt or proof of purchase by email and keep it until you get the package. This way you will avoid complications in case you have to claim.

Fast and secure shipping

  • Normally, large sales portals have faster distributions than small ones. It is a matter of structure and resources available to them, not so much with the professionalism of the business.
  • The delivery times should be informed on the website, if not contact you to specify.
  • The delivery point of the package must be the one you request. If the company has specific points, it must inform you beforehand and indicate them to you.
  • The package must arrive in perfect condition, if it is broken, missing something, or not protected enough, ask for a new one.
  • Your personal data must be protected and never be used for other purposes that you have not authorized.


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