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Tips to create beaded necklaces and not die trying

Tips to create beaded necklaces and not die trying

Before putting together your own designs, you must think or imagine a final canvas, the result you would like to obtain. Each of the beads you use is part of and contributes to the creation of your work, in this case, jewelry. This vision will be key to assemble a balanced and beautiful necklace, you'll see!

Creating Your Own Designs: Practical Tips for Making DIY Necklaces

If you are a beginner in DIY jewelry, consider the colors. The combination of tones has a direct influence on the feelings and values that your little work of art is going to convey. Do you want a cheerful piece? Are you looking for elegance? Or would you prefer to create a jewel that attracts attention and is eye-catching? Ask yourself these questions before starting, only then will you be able to shape your way of being and your intention as an artist as well as create unique and 100% personalized jewelry.

What should I keep in mind before I start making necklaces?

  • Seek inspiration: Look at models of necklaces or other jewelry that you've always liked, that you've had or seen other people and that have caught your attention. Create things you like, this is the way to enjoy them and feel proud. 😊
  • The design: Give it a twist until you find the design you want to carry out. What shape are you going to give to the piece? What kind of clasp will the necklace have?
  • The materials you will use: Decide what materials you will use to make the necklace. Today there are so many varieties you can choose and combine. If we can give you some advice, the less synthetic the better. You'll find workshops that work with clay, leather, metals and even glass.
  • Where you can get the materials: There are many stores, also in the online world, that offer beads of all types and colors. Small pieces, big pieces, with a thousand shapes and textures. Most of the stores are dedicated to wholesale, but if you want to make small quantities of necklaces, we will sell you more exclusive stores, which allow you to buy small quantities of beads. And as we said before, the more handmade and manual, the better.
  • Jewels that represent yourself: Since you are going to make something of yourself, with your hands, try to create something that really fits your way of thinking, of being, that fits your philosophy of life. That's why it's important that you don't skip any of the previous points. From the choice of materials to the design of the piece: every step will be important for you to assemble a totally personal jewel that represents you from beginning to end.

Trart Rosalia Necklace


The combination of colours as a key element

The right combination of colours is one of the most important points in the creation and design phase of your new piece. If you have never worked on artistic composition, you should know that complementary colors are the ones that are opposite, for example, red is the opposite of green. Their combination looks very animated and full of energy, especially if you combine the colors of saturated tones.

On the other hand, pay special attention to analogous colors: this is the combination of 2 to 5 colors placed side by side in the color wheel (ideally combining 2 to 3 colors at the same time). This set of colours gives a calm and pleasant result. An example of the analogue combination of muted colours would be orange yellow, yellow, greenish yellow, green and greenish blue.

Common errors when making handmade necklaces

The lack of practice or ignorance about the matter leads us to make some mistakes that can cause one disaster or another. Don't worry because making mistakes is normal and very common. Handmade jewelry requires some skill. Don't lose hope and start over.

These are some of the typical mistakes:

Inadequate collar height. Not measuring correctly the length of the rope that will carry the beads. Take into account the centimeters that you are going to lose when fixing the clasp.

Let it fall in between the chest. Look for the balance between materials and length (especially if the design has volume) to prevent the necklace from slipping into the woman's chest. For it to look good, it must be well placed on the chest and in the middle of the neckline.

Combine colours, volumes and weight badly. In balance is the answer to everything and in necklaces too! Don't overdo it with the size of the pieces or their weight, nor with the play of colours that don't stick together. Look for the harmony of the whole.

With all this information, it's sure to be much easier for you to start creating your own jewellery. Come on, you're sure to discover the artist in you! If inspiration is what's holding you back, take a look at these collections and ask us for the beads you like best.

Trart_Necklace_Amelia Trart_Necklace_Rosa
Trart_Beads_Amelia_1 Trart_Beads_Amelia_2


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Handmade necklaces and other jewelry perfect to give away

Handmade necklaces and other jewelry perfect to give away

How many people do you know, from your most direct group, who have their birthday in these spring months... more than three and four, right? Work colleagues, mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins, friends, and we don't go on because the list would be endless! Well, believe it or not, the months of March, April, May, June are not statistically the months with the most births of the year, but September. September? We don't know who has counted them, but in our case, spring wins by a landslide in the number of birthdays and celebrations.

Finding the perfect gift is no easy task. If this year you have just enough ideas and you don't have much time, put these tips into practice, you'll see that this way, everything ends up being much easier.

Think for a second about the honoree: what is she like? what does she like? what doesn't she like?
He remembers some of his looks: how does he dress? which style does he wear? which colours does he prefer?
Jewellery and accessories: what kind of jewellery do you have? Classic or original jewellery?

If what you want, above all, is to make the right choice and ensure that your friend, mother, sister is delighted with your gift, opt for something safe: A piece of clothing, a complement or a jewel. The latter is infallible!

Give handmade necklaces this spring
The necklaces and short chains are the star complement of this spring. They have been worn throughout the year, both the cold season and the summer months. This spring erupts again with force and comes in different forms.

  • Handcrafted necklaces: Handmade necklaces with natural materials and personal designs are in fashion. This is a good option for all those who are to make gifts thought and adjusted to the taste of the person. Handmade jewelry designers create limited collections and no mass productions, allowing you to make a unique and exclusive jewel. There will be no other like it!

  • Long and short necklaces: In the variety is the taste, choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable because the long ones will be worn, both sophisticated and hippies, and those fitted to the neck.
  • Choose ball necklaces and original designs: the arrival of spring and good weather brings with it an explosion of color and extreme combinations. 
  • Pendants: After a few years in which they went unnoticed, the pendants return to the palestra. You will find different options, stay with the one that best suits your style. 

Create your own DIY necklaces to give away
If you want to go a little further and show birthday girls how much you love them, you can think of a gift made by you. Don't be afraid, what we're going to propose is for all audiences, even for those who don't have any expertise in DIY.

Where to buy handmade necklaces and original jewelry?

  • Find a specialized store that has balls and beads.
    Many of these stores are wholesalers, that is, they only allow you to buy large quantities. In your case, we recommend that you buy in stores that allow you to make small purchases as you are going to make a small production of necklaces. You will get much more out of it!
  • Design: What will the necklace look like?
    Before you buy the pieces, think about what the necklace is going to be like and how you are going to make it. This way you can predict what you're going to need: number of beads, ribbon for the necklace, clasp you prefer, etc. Most of the time we skip this step and buy what we like the most, without thinking about the whole or the final result of the piece.
  • Ask for help in your trusted shop
    If you buy the necklace balls and the rest of the materials in a small, local shop, you will have the opportunity to ask and be advised by the salespeople. They will surely guide you and help you in the choice of pieces and combination of colors. They will also tell you how to assemble it to get the most out of your necklace. Success is guaranteed!

Certainly, handmade jewelry requires more time of preparation and creation. With good planning and choosing pieces that are easy to make, there's no need to complicate things. Besides being super original gifts, they end up being very personal. There is nothing like something made to measure, to the taste of the person, is there? These kinds of gifts, made with love, are the ones that are always remembered.

Ah, also with the excuse of making the gift, you will discover that the DIY world is a lot of fun and that it is a perfect activity to disconnect, charge yourself with good energy and creativity.

Do you need more excuses to start creating your own necklaces? You're ready, this spring surprise everyone with your own designs.

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Handmade Pendants

Handmade Pendants

The back to the origins through the handmade pendants

Handmade pendants and necklaces are complements of jewelry with older origin because, bracelets, rings and earrings began to be worn in later times. These are pieces that already existed in prehistoric times, when the first beads for necklaces made from pieces of shells, ossicles, teeth and small stones were discovered. The first were located in specific areas of Algeria, Morocco and South Africa.

The Egyptians were one of the civilizations that left their mark on this of jewels and the taste for craftsmanship. The women wore a type of necklace called Monile, adorned with colorful fruits and feathers. Other civilizations, such as the Greek and Roman, also gave relevant importance to the creation of jewels, beauty and complements. From both periods, necklaces of terracotta pieces have been preserved, considered unique pieces with an incalculable historical value. It is precisely the everyday elements such as jewellery, combs, amphoras, etc. that bring us closer to these cultures and give us a fairly clear idea of how they lived and how they behaved in their day-to-day life.

Did you know that...?

  • Greek and Roman women did not wear necklaces and pendants in public. They reserved them for private events at home such as banquets and dances.
  • In the Modern Age, pendants with thick, hollow, filigree balls became fashionable among women.
  • Some handmade pendants were confused in the Middle Ages with amulets and elements of witchcraft.
  • When Jacques Cartier opened the jewellery shop in London, he drew inspiration from his travels to India, a colony of the British Empire.
  • At Indian weddings, the groom ties a necklace of flowers to his new wife's neck as a sign of acceptance and sprinkles red powder on her hair, indicating that she is already a married woman.

Although usually related to the female world, pendants and necklaces have also been worn by men on countless occasions throughout history. For example, in the military field, it became a key piece of distinction between generals and high offices. In this case, long metal chains of the type gold or silver were used. They were also seen in warfare and gladiatorial battles. In the latter case, the very low-value material used, metals such as iron, made these chains really heavy to wear around the neck. What a barbarity!

The handmade pendants and ornaments for necklaces have remained in time and survived the passage of time without losing their value and symbolism. As we have seen, they have been from remote times until today, key pieces of jewelry and essential elements in the jeweler of any woman.

What are today's handmade pendants like?

Today, the manufacturing processes have become more sophisticated, but keep the originality and authenticity as it was done in antiquity. Some of the materials such as clay and clays are maintained in time and fashions. This is a material that allows to mold the beads and to add decorations and color and, once dry, it keeps a very good resistance for the daily use of necklaces and pendants.

Nowadays we find pendants of all kinds:

  • Metals (gold, silver, stainless steel)
  • Clays and mud
  • Recyclable materials (reused everyday elements)
  • Natural stones
  • Glazes

The handmade pendants that evoke history and culture:  

Barcelona is one of the cities where you will find more tradition for the elaboration of handcrafted jewels. There are small workshops with a lot of charm and dedicated to the design and production of handcrafted jewelry.

Many of the collections of necklaces and pendants are inspired by women, art, nature, history and the concept of the passage of time.

The Trart team is one of these workshops that faithfully follow this philosophy of work and, moreover, for many years. In each of their pieces, they try to transmit the wisdom and tradition of women who have left their mark. A clear example is their pendant model called Marie Antoinette, which takes us immediately to the gardens of Versailles, the white wigs and the velvet layers.

The collections of this brand are exclusive, which makes you not see replicas of your jewel in the street. They are created one by one to guarantee a unique result. The designs are worked through a manual process, just as jewelry was made in antiquity.

If you like history and art, you can visit their collection of handmade necklaces inspired by other great women like Frida Kahlo, Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich ... Painting, cinema, music: Long live brave women!

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Genuine rings

Genuine rings

Looking for genuine rings and how to wear them

Far from the typical engagement rings, today's women bet on genuine and comfortable rings that they can wear every day and that match most of their looks. Come on, the jewel must be prepared to follow its frenetic rhythm of work, at home, in the gym, etc.. As well as practical, these rings must have an genuine design and be well charged with power. Power?

It's not about the value of the pieces themselves but about the emotional charge that derives from them. The bond that a woman creates with her jewellery is so close that it can become her personal amulet: the gift of someone special, a family inheritance, a love, and so on. Each ring holds the memory, thought and emotion that helps a woman face the difficult moments of her life. So, without a doubt, the rings keep a magical and indescribable power inside.

In the Hindu tradition, women wear genuine rings on their toes called bichiya. These rings are unconventional and their designs are usually very beautiful and decorated with different ornaments. They pour into them a world of myths and stories that are passed down from generation to generation. Because of globalization, many Hindus today opt for western-style wedding rings worked in gold or silver, leaving aside pieces typical of their region. This is just one example of the many changes taking place around the world.

At Trart, we are committed to defending diversity because we are convinced that difference is taste and genuinity, even more so. The richness of cultures and their customs are a source of inspiration for the world of jewellery and it is not fair that they should be lost. In addition, we believe in the magic of jewellery and the power it gives to women. This is why we continue to create genuine rings that make a difference and surprise. We continue to work for those women who want to differentiate themselves from the rest, can do so. For all those women who love jewelry. We like to make them feel unique, beautiful, safe and free. Their balance and well-being are our main objective. Here we go!

Genuine rings for every woman

The word genuinity is very relative because each woman understands it in her own way. What is clear is that to find the difference and move away from the conventional you must look for jewelry collections full of color, new textures and try new materials. Beyond metals such as gold and silver and precious stones, there are collections that offer new points of view and personalities that bet on more daring ways within the world of jewelry. 

Where to find genuine rings?

If you are looking for unique pieces or even a little more risky than usual, the first thing to do would be to start exploring on the Internet. The big firms tend to have physical stores in central areas, while the small ones, it is likely that you will only find them online. The latter tend to offer collections with much more novel and genuine designs than the usual firms. In addition, you can add your city in the search, so you can locate the designers of jewelry that you have nearby and boost the trade km 0. Surely there is a beautiful jewellery workshop close to your home that you don't completely know about. Find it!

How to combine the rings to make them look better?

You have just bought your genuine ring and now there is the question of how to combine it with your conventional clothes. Don't worry! It's right here where the question kit is. The more basic your clothing line, the better your ring will look. If most of your clothes are smooth and with little detail and you don't come out of the color ranges like black, gray, white, you're lucky. The genuine rings combine perfectly with the wardrobe bottoms and sober style because it allows them to bring the touch of extravagance they need. 

It will be a success if you combine your genuine ring with...
  • Long and midi skirts: Large rings combine well with steamy and silky fabrics both smooth and pleated.
  • Swan-neck: Long-sleeved, high-necked sweaters or jerseys enhance the rings and other jewelry you wear.
  • Leather and patent leather trousers: For a more rocky look, wear it with tight trousers with leather texture and vinyl effect.
It will be a mistake if you combine your genuine ring with...
  • Salon needle shoes: This shoe will attract all the attention and your ring will go unnoticed. Better opt for another type of shoe that does not eclipse it.
  • Animal print: Leopard or zebra prints are powerful enough to combine with an extravagant ring.
  • Overload of complements: Don't overdo it with the rest of the accessories, headband, long earrings, bracelet, necklace, hairpins... less is more and your ring doesn't need as much company.

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